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Dildos & Rabbits




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Stimulating Women´s Fantasy since 2006! Selection of Beginner Dildos and more!

Sex Toys in the Philippines for Women? Yes sister! You are one orgasm away from the best Online femalecentric shop from the Philippines. We are the sisterhood of sexy and you are welcome to join! It does not matter if you are an entry level curious femme fatale, this is your first experience among the long journey of joy and self love. Our dildos deliver the best orgasm and satisfy your inner fire. Sounds a bit dramatic but it´s true! If you haven´t travelled down south, now is the time to practice and know what you want and how you want something done like a true girlboss. No more wondering how Samantha Jones from Sex and the city becomes as experienced as she is. You too can dominate with our Dildo weapons of pleasure! What are you waiting for? Try and get your first toy today and don´t hesitate to ask us questions. Our store is ¨womanned¨ by an all-female staff , so you can be sure that your secret is always safe with us!

Your Privacy is our Top Priority!

No Judgements. Embarrassed? Don´t be! Lucky Doll´s team of women are very professional and can answer your sex toys questions without judgement.  We are committed to giving the best products to satisfy the female sexual health, rekindle romances, surprise a husband on the bride´s wedding night and to gift something naughty to your best friend or sister on her bridal shower party. When we say ¨No judgements¨, we hold a sexually adventurous and a sexually inexperienced woman in high regard. We have nothing but respect and admiration to our fellow women who went ahead and boldly buy what she thinks is best for her! All our products arrive in  discreet packaging, declared as ¨clothes and accessories¨. Our store name will not be written on the sender field.  Order our cheap and affordable sex toys and have it delivered straight to your doorstep! Did we say that we have a same day delivery within Metro Manila? Now that´s awesome!


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