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Men's Guide on How to Buy the Perfect Lingerie in the Philippines

When it comes to buying the perfect sexy lingerie here in the Philippines, men are often intimidated to step foot inside overly feminine lingerie boutiques. Don't worry, you are not alone! Lucky Doll Lingerie compiled some tips  to guide you on buying the perfect lingerie for your woman!

How to Deal with Embarrassment

Contrary to what you may think, you are not the only man shopping in a lingerie store. We have lots of husband and boyfriend clients shopping for their ladies' intimates. Like you, some are clueless and some are embarrassed to be seen rounding the lacy lingerie racks.

For men who are worried to come off as a creeper, as long as you do not gaze and leave lingering glances on your fellow female shoppers, you are totally fine.  To be honest-- There is nothing sexier than a guy who has the confidence to step inside a lingerie store and own the experience.

If you feel that you don't have enough guts to stay longer and would simply like to " Pay and GTFO" ( pay and run away) Here are a few tips to make your shopping faster than Flash!

  • Browse the Lucky Doll's website and take note of the items you wish to view in person. Hand your list to the sales associate when you arrive and they will be more than willing to locate the products for you.
  • Get her measurements ready -  knowing the vital infos will keep you from being caught in an awkward situation of having to look at other women's bust sizes and blurt out " My girlfriend is just about that size!" 
  • Know how much you would like to spend and decide what lingerie styles you like.  Give these infos to the sales associate so she can recommend products within your budget.
  • Call the store before coming and have them prepare your orders in advance.

How to Get her size. If you are planning a surprise:

Unless you take her to go lingerie shopping with you, (which is kinda sexy), giving lingerie as a surprise present is sexier than asking her directly for her size. Don't fret! It's normal for men not to have any idea on how lingerie sizing works. The best way to get her size is through her closet! Gather and ready these information and ask for the store's help!

  • Check out the tags of her bras while she is in the shower. Look at the sizes of her dresses and pants.
  • Go through her underwear drawer and checkout the size tags of her panties! 
  • Styles and lingerie sizing are a bit tricky so make sure to get the size of at least 3 different styles of her panties, bras and dresses.
  • Don't forget to write the measurements down.

Find out her personal style..

She will appreciate your gift more if you thought about her first before getting carried away with ultra sexy styles she might not be into. Browse her underwear drawer and take notice of the style and fabric of her panties, does she like lace or cotton? thongs or boyleg? 

Most women have 2 types of lingerie: 1 that she wears everyday and 1 that she wears in private for you or for her own sexy confident self. Women buy practical and basic underwear for themselves so buy something that will look glam and gorgeous.

  • Find out what kind of sexy is she by paying attention to her day to day fashion style through the outfits hanging in her closet. Are her dresses revealing or conservative? Is she into plunging necklines and backless mini dresses, or more of a maxi shift dress kind of girl?
  • Unsure with what to get? Tried and tested styles are usually a pair of thigh high stockings, garter belts and a thong. She can always pair this 3 basic lingerie pieces with any sexy bra that she has.
  • Pay attention to the color she wears. Black is the safest color to get.
  • Before buying any raunchy crotchless and cupless lingerie, start with classier ones with satin and lace material especially if it will be her first time to wear a sexy lingerie. Stick to something that will look expensive and classy.

Buy Lingerie that will Flatter her body type

Tall and Slim

Garter belts and sexy short lingerie sets are perfect for this body type. Accent her long legs with short babydolls and make her look more curvy with garter belts paired with thigh high stockings.

Red Black Lace Seductive Bra Thong and Garter Belt Lingerie SetBlack Lace Sheer Camisole Garter Panty Lingerie SetPurple Marla Lace up Lace Garter Camisole Thong Set

Curvy and Rounder

Lingerie like babydolls and chemises with empire cut waists will hide big tummy or butt and will show off her curves and assets. Dark colors are slimming and can create a smoother silhouette.

Brook Purple Lace Halter Fly Away Babydoll PLUSBlack V Plunge Lace and Sheer Chemise Plus SizePink Embroidered Sequin Sheer Babydoll Plus Size XL

For first time Lingerie wearers

If you feel like your woman is a bit uncomfortable with showing too much skin and has yet to discover the power of her sex appeal, add a sexy satin or lace kimono  cover ups that matches her lingerie. This will help her feel at ease until she gets used to being a hot goddess in her sexy lingerie.

Carol Black Sheer Lace Kimono Lingerie

In Conclusion

It's the thought that counts, but if you truly want to impress and spoil your woman,  take time to research and learn more about her tastes before outright buying something that is "sexy" according to your standards. She will appreciate the effort you made in choosing the piece, and even if it’s not 100% correct, you will still get loads of points for the attempt!

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