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Black Workout Spandex-Latex Thermal Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Slimming Corset

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This Hourglass Latex Corset features 25 flexi steel bones that provides support without inhibiting movement.
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Black Workout Spandex-Latex Thermal Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Slimming Corset

Black Workout Spandex-Latex Thermal Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Slimming Corset

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Maximize your workout with Lucky Doll®´s Waist Training Corset ! The spandex and latex fabric blend creates core compression thus stimulating thermal activity and pumping up perspiration. Carry it with you to the gym, wrap the band around your midsection and go for a run and make it work for you!

It´s 4 steel bonings are especially made to be flexible enough to provide support without any movement restriction.


  • Material: Lined latex with spandex outer layer
  • 4 very flexible steel boning which helps the corset stay in place while being comfy
  • 3 hook and eye tightness levels
  • compresses and stimulates thermal activity allowing the toxins to exit your skin and make fat cells in your midsection cry!
  • Cupless - can be worn with any bras 
  • Draws the waist in, Flattens the tummy and corrects back posture


Corset Actual Measurements:

Corset Height : 12 inches

SMALL - *suggested size for waists  27-29.5 inches

  • 3rd Hook Relaxed 25.5" Stretched 29.5"
  • 2nd Hook Relaxed 25" Stretched 29"
  • 1st Hook Relaxed 24.5" Stretched 28.5

MEDIUM - *suggested size for waists  29-30.5 inches

  • 3rd Hook Relaxed 27.5" Stretched 30.5"
  • 2nd Hook Relaxed 27" Stretched 30"
  • 1st Hook Relaxed 26.5" Stretched 29.5

LARGE *suggested size for waists  31-33 inches

  • 3rd Hook Relaxed 29.5" Stretched 33"
  • 2nd Hook Relaxed 29" Stretched 32.5"
  • 1st Hook Relaxed 28.5" Stretched 32"

XL *suggested size for waists  34-36 inches

  • 3rd Hook Relaxed 31" Stretched 36"
  • 2nd Hook Relaxed 30.5" Stretched 35.5"
  • 1st Hook Relaxed 30" Stretched 35

XXL *suggested size for waists  36-37.5 inches

  • 3rd Hook Relaxed 33.5" Stretched 37.5"
  • 2nd Hook Relaxed 33" Stretched 37"
  • 1st Hook Relaxed 32.5" Stretched 36.5

XXXL *suggested size for waists  37.5-39 inches

  • 3rd Hook Relaxed 35.5" Stretched 39"
  • 2nd Hook Relaxed 35" Stretched 38.5"
  • 1st Hook Relaxed 34.5" Stretched 38"



STEP 1 Get a measuring tape

STEP 2 Refer to the Corset's Actual Measurements's 3rd Hook stretched (Highlighted above in red)

STEP 3 Put the measuring tape around your waist and try on each size' 3rd hook measurement around your waist to get the actual feel on how tight the corset would be around your waist

STEP 4 Tightness and Pressure must be felt in the midsection in order for the corset to work. 





What is Waist Training?

Waist training is a slow and gradual process of reducing the waist's measurement through a waist cinching corset.  With proper diet and exercise, training the waist by wearing a cincher will help you achieve the highly coveted hourglass figure. What's awesome about our waist trainers, is that it helps smoothen belly flabs while it corrects the posture through the frame it creates around your torso and back. 

Are you ready to take on this new discipline? This training requires discipline, patience and dedication. There is no magic in this world that could INSTANTLY remove belly fats without undergoing surgery.  Proper diet, Exercise combined with this powerful waist cincher are the 3 main disciplines you'll need to incorporate in your everyday routine to achieve your goal. 

Are you ready to commit? Then read below the how to's of waist training!

How to use the Training Corset:

  1.  The training garment must be broken in by wearing the corset 2-4 hours per day at the loosest tightness level (first set of clasps) until you get accustomed to the tightness and compression of the corset. You must not overtrain on the first week or you might injure yourself or damage your garment.
  2. Gradually add an hour or two daily, until you are able to wear the corset throughout the entire day. Remember to wear the corset on the first set of hook and eye (loosest setting). 
  3. Once the garment is broken in, you can begin to use the second set of clasps making the corset tighter. As your waist becomes smaller, the corset will become comfortable and will not feel as tight as the first time you tried it on.
  4. Now, you can progress unto the next clasps as part of your waist reduction discipline.

Proper Garment Care:

  • Hand wash corset in cold water . Do not machine wash and do not put corset in dryer. Lay corset flat to dry.
  • Air dry your corset by turning the lining to the upper side and ganging over a clothes line or over the back of a chair's back rest. Do not hang near a heat source as this will cause shrinkage and damage the stitchings of the fabric.
  • Alternate corsets. The best way to prolong the life of waist training corsets is to alternate them so each corsets gets to rest between each wearing.
  • Remember that with proper care, your corsets will last a long time.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q How will I know when my corset is properly broken in?

A When your first put on the corset, you will find it stiff and straight and does not want to follow you waist shape. After wearing it for the first hour, your body warmth will start heating, and shaping will have begun. The next time you wear the corset, you may find that it settles into your waist easier. It will have acquired some of your waist shape through being stretched and warmed. On the day you put it on and it settles nicely into your figure then it is "broken in".

Q Will wearing the tightest setting of the corset right away make my waist training faster? I want an instant small waist!

Tightening a corset too soon can cause damage to the corset or to the body of the woman wearing it. The corset's hooks may snap or its grommets may tear. The corset's material could stretch too much and become damaged especially if you force your waist into an incorrect or to a size that is way too small for you. The steel boning could warp, causing the wearer pain. Not only do these damages cause pain to the wearer, but this may cause major damage to the corset. A corset that is properly broken in and taken care of, however, should fit comfortably and last a very long time.


11 Review
  • I have been wait training 5

    Posted by Reicel D. on 30th Jun 2017

    I have been wait training for two months now and I must say that this works for me alongside with proper exercise and diet. Also, it greatly improves my posture, currently wearing the small size on tightest lock. Planning to purchase an extra small size. :)

  • Super fast delivery and great 4

    Posted by Angelica C. on 2nd Nov 2016

    Super fast delivery and great products

  • Very good quality. Fast transaction. 5

    Posted by Ma. I. on 18th Jul 2016

    Very good quality. Fast transaction.

  • Good fit and fast transaction... 5

    Posted by Nanette B. on 7th Apr 2016

    Good fit and fast transaction... Thanks

  • Smooth and fast transaction. Till 5

    Posted by babes a. on 28th Mar 2016

    Smooth and fast transaction. Till my next order.

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