Posted by Lucky Doll on 16th Dec 2023

Sailing to Victory: A Heartfelt Congratulations to Doll Louise Valenzuela, Mrs. Metro Manila Beauty Pageant Winner!

Official photos from Anton CM and Pageant Talk

We are ecstatic to extend our warmest congratulations to the radiant Doll Louise Valenzuela for clinching the crown as the new Mrs. Metro Manila! ?✨ Louise not only dazzled the stage with her grace and poise but also made a splash in the competition wearing the stunning Lucky Doll's Retro Pin-up Catalina Nautical One Piece Swim Dress.

Louise embodied the true essence of empowered beauty, capturing hearts with her confidence, intelligence, and, of course, her impeccable sense of style. The Catalina Nautical Swim Dress from Lucky Doll's Retro Pin-up collection perfectly complemented her magnetic personality and added a touch of vintage glamour to her already outstanding presence.

The one-piece swim dress, adorned with classic nautical elements, showcased Louise's flair for embracing timeless fashion while celebrating her own unique beauty. The retro-inspired design not only highlighted her curves but also reflected her empowered spirit—a woman unafraid to make waves and set sail towards her dreams.

As Louise accepted her well-deserved crown, we couldn't help but admire how she effortlessly blended the vintage aesthetic with modern confidence. It's more than a swim dress; it's a statement piece symbolizing strength, resilience, and the beauty that comes with embracing one's true self.

To Louise Valenzuela, the new Mrs. Metro Manila, you are an inspiration to us all. Your journey to victory is a testament to the power of self-love and embracing your unique style with pride. May your reign be filled with continued success, empowerment, and the joy of celebrating the extraordinary woman that you are.

Here's to strong women and the undeniable allure of empowered beauty! ???

With heartfelt congratulations,

Your Lucky Doll Sisters


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