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Posted by Abby Atienza on 26th Feb 2018

Lucky Doll Featured in Status Magazine Online

Breaking Social Taboos: Sex Toys You Can Find In Your Friendly Neighborhood

FEBRUARY 26, 2018

The Philippines has a long way to go in being open-minded when discussing subjects that are taboo, such as sex. This three-letter word is often heard in whispers by students during recess, behind closed doors in Filipino households, or joked around in a circle of friends. While sex is not explicitly talked about in the country, just like any free nation where people has the freedom to do anything, sex is a common practice among men and women. Sex remains a topic that makes people feel uncomfortable or it ends up nothing but a butt of a joke, when in fact, sex is a healthy thing. Known for his alternative dietary medicines, Dr. Joseph Michael Mercola said that sex is capable of ensuring one’s mental and physical health for it can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase self-esteem and more health benefits than you can imagine. See? There’s nothing to be ashamed of here. 

If you’re someone who likes sex or is curious about it — there’s no shame in that, henny! In fact, we are giving you three local adult shops to add more O’s in fooling around. You can check their physical stores in the Metro, but if you’re too shy to set foot in an adult toy store, these stores are available online too! Whether you’re with a partner or feel like putting a bit more “love” in self-love, sex toys are definitely the answer to explore your sexuality and figure out what turns you on and what doesn’t.

Lucky Doll Store

Known for their beautiful pin-up inspired visuals, this store offers you lingerie and corsets if you feel like being extra sexy tonight. They also have a variety of sexy costumes in case if you need it for Halloween or you know, a little something-something for your partner. From bondage kits to Kama Sutra products, they have toys and accessories that you never know will need, unless if you try it.


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